Cancelling Your Registration

As of 10 March, a new cancellation process for IETF 107 in-person participation registrations is in effect.

Key Info

  • Starting now we will be refunding any cancellation fee that we have retained for the cancellation of an in-person registration.

  • Starting in 48 hours time we will begin to refund in full all registration fees for those registered to participate in-person. ¬†

  • Unfortunately we are not able to roll forward the registration fee to IETF 108 Madrid for a number of administrative and financial reasons, most notably the different taxation requirements between Canada and Spain.

  • We are aware that some people do not want their registrations fees refunded and have asked us to convert it to a donation, which we will do. ¬†Anyone else who prefers this option please let us know at [email protected] before the refund process starts.

  • The delay of 48 hours is to give us time to see if we can process all refunds automatically, but if that is not possible then each registration will be processed manually by the IETF Secretariat team and this will take some time.